Welcome – we are so happy you found us!
My name is Leah Mills, the Founder of Pink Lotus Hair and Skin Essentials.
Pink Lotus Hair and Skin Essentials was born in January 2015 and officially launched December 2018 in my hometown of Bermuda. My interest in natural hair care began when I did the “big chop”, which urgently required proper care. I created an Instagram page (@twocurlfriends) where I documented my journey by creating content about natural hair care. I displayed unnamed natural products that I'd mix together and eventually was requested to share what I was creating.
Our aim is for you to feel and look beautiful regardless of your texture. Every curl, coil and kink is unique and all hair is good hair as long as its healthy hair.
Pink Lotus name derives from the “Pink Lotus Flower” which symbolizes purity, famous for emerging beautifully poised; despite harsh environments. Like the flower, the Pink Lotus collection is thoughtfully created with 100% of all-natural ingredients to create clean, soft, nourishing products that transform both your hair and skin. Therefore, all of our products are safe, nontoxic and are free from any harsh parabens, harmful fragrances and are sulphate free. All of our products are tested and documented before release to the public on various hair types to determine what type of products would best suit you.
We hope that Pink Lotus Hair and Skin Essentials plays a special role in your everyday hair care routine.